Vopak Terquimsa increases its storage capacity in Barcelona

15 July 2013

Last June Vopak Terquimsa commissioned the new Tank Pit 9 in the Barcelona Terminal, adding a total of 18.750cbm distributed in six tanks for chemicals, plus three new truck loading stations and a pipeline connection with its first customer, Total with its plant in El Prat (Barcelona).

This new pit is framed in the expansion plan started in 2005, which meant an extension of the concession until 2030, thus guaranteeing the feasibility of the terminal. The plan included the construction of Tank Pit 10 (operational in 2011), with 155.000cbm capacity for oil products, the share in a partnership for the management of a new deep draft jetty for Oil Products and the connection to the rail infrastructure, in order to allow RTC loading and unloading of chemical products.

Tank Pit 9 is the final step on this phase of the Barcelona Terminal capacity expansion, a significant improvement in the quality of the service we deliver to our customers. In terms of infrastructure the new tanks are provided with more flexible and safer systems, having taken the “Repeatable Formula” and the Vopak Terminal Leftbank facilities in Antwerp as a reference for design.

With this expansion Vopak Terquimsa improves its competitive position in the Barcelona area. It is important to take into account that 25% of the Spanish chemical production and 40% of exports in this sector are produced in the two Catalan ports (Barcelona and Tarragona), where Vopak Terquimsa holds a leading presence and market share. Besides, the addition of this new capacity will undoubtedly support the objective of consolidating Catalonia as the reference point for chemicals logistics in the West Mediterranean, enabling our global customers to access Europe from the South, but also to access emergent markets from Northern Africa.