Vopak Terquimsa increases the terminal of Barcelona with six new tanks

1 March 2012

Under the expansión plan that Vopak Terquimsa is implementing at the Port of Barcelona, is included the construction of a new pit with a capacity of 18.750 cubic meters to store chemical products distributed in six tanks.

In September 2011 Vopak Terquimsa installed the pit 10 with a capacity of 155.000 cubic meters to store oil products. The new oil capacity of Barcelona was an investment of more than 21 million euros. This has provided an increase in traffic, because pit 10 has doubled the activity of the terminal during the months it has been in operation.

The rest of the expansion, with the construction of a new pit , involves an investment of more than 11 million euros.

This last phase will also include the possibility of loading and unloading of truck . With this, we will end the expansion of the terminal which began in 2005 with a total investment of more than 37 million euros.