storage tank of liquid product in bulk
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Mision, Vision, Values


Our mission is to store bulk liquid products, guaranteeing service quality and personal, operational and environmental safety. We aim to complete the logistics process of producers, facilitating their supply of raw materials or distribution of manufactured products.


Our vision is to improve and expand our activity continuously. We aim to become the leading supplier of bulk liquid storage, achieving success for your customers, ensuring employee safety and continuous improvement, and maintaining maximum value for your shareholders.

We focus each day on making sure that our activity complies with environmental protection and conservation practices.

Accomplishing future goals will depend on the excellence of the work of personnel at all terminals, which is why Vopak Terquimsa's employees are essential to the Company's development and achievement of its mission.



Vopak Terquimsa establishes long-lasting relationships based on integrity. The Company's employees therefore adopt an honest and upright approach in relations with others, based on their own credibility and treating everybody equally.


We are professionals that strive for the very highest standards in everything we do. Professionalism includes concepts such as expertise, knowledge, experience, confidence and competence. This is the cornerstone of Vopak Terquimsa's values. We are aware of our own limitations and never make promises we cannot fulfil.


Standing still means going backwards. In Vopak Terquimsa we continuously improve. We are proactive and anticipate customer and environmental expectations. Through self-criticism and open communication we improve and evaluate our results. Creativity and evaluation are essential components of our improvement strategy.


For Vopak Terquimsa employees, integrity means taking responsibility for the action and not immediately transferring problems to others. We accept responsibilities to set an example to new employees and be successful in our work. We are committed and act thoroughly. We take decisions, have initiative, express opinions and reflect on what is required to achieve the best for the Company and society.


Vopak Terquimsa's most important product is its service, which is one of the key reasons for the business's success. We listen to and understand our customers' needs and expectations to provide optimum quality services that satisfy their requirements and objectives. Our motto is to always keep our promises and never promise more than we can deliver.


This value is at the heart of what we do. Passion is shown through enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment. Everything we do, we do positively, which is reflected in our behaviour. We believe in what we do and we do things enthusiastically. Our passion defines how we interact with others. We empathise with everybody we work with, colleagues, customers, shareholders and with citizens and the environment we share in the cities where our terminals are located.


Vopak Terquimsa's employees are aware of what is important to the Company, acting rapidly and efficiently at all times. We always provide simple, direct responses. We make sure we do not complicate situations; quite the opposite, we offer solutions. We are able to respond rapidly to changing situations and concerns, thanks to our professionalism, flexibility and knowledge of the working environment. Agility and responsiveness set us apart.

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