storage tank of liquid product in bulk

Corporate responsibility

Commitment to the environment and protection of the surroundings

Our priority in the environment is to eliminate the impact of our activity on the surroundings, by guiding actions to prevent spills, to optimise resource consumption, and to minimise, segregate and suitably deal with waste.

To achieve these objectives, management systems are certified according to OSHAS 1820 1:2007 and UNE-EN-ISO 1400 1:2004, and in accordance with CE regulation no. 1221/2009 (EMAS III).


The aim is zero accidents, as we support the principle that all accidents can be avoided. Correct risk identification and assessment guarantees the safety of our facilities, processes and people.

All of the processes are subject to demanding safety standards.

Due to Terquimsa’s presence into the ports as critic infrastructure, will ensure the organisation’s functionality, continuity and integrity with the aim to prevent, palliate and to neutralise the damage caused by a deliberate attack against its infrastructures and guarantee the integrations of these actions with the rest of actions that come from the state security forces or other responsible subjects within the scope of their competence and what is stablished on Law 8/2011

Responsibility with the community and interest groups

Vopak Terquimsa integrates environmental and social concerns and worries from a responsible, ethical position with its policy of improvement in society.

By developing a company model more in line with the interest groups (customers, Administrations, associations, etc), strengthening the internal leadership and the strategic alliances with these groups.

Quality standards

Vopak Terquimsa works in line with the most demanding quality standards to offer an optimal, safe service. Our quality system is aimed at continuously improving the operations and human and material resources to satisfy our customers’ demands, while at the same time sustaining our commitment to the environment.

Ethics and integrity

All employees act integrally, based on the ethical principles of our Code of Conduct, where all of the rules to be followed are established. Promoting the fulfilment of the principles between suppliers and contractors.

Training and Development

In Vopak Terquimsa we know that all continuous improvement process is based on permanent learning and innovation. We therefore offer our employees all the necessary training tools and resources so that they might grow professionally and personally, and drive the daily work of the jobs towards excellence.

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